Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Ressurection.

APRIL 2011.

Our gallery KARAVAN has been closed now for 4 months and I should have been beavering away at our new "online store" idea. But instead,I decided some time out was needed to clear my head of 30 years of retailing. Off I went to one of my first and favourite Asian destinations,the Phlippine Islands.

A country of great contrasts and diverse attractions,if you know where look! So days were spent amongst the hustle in Manila,catching up with old friends that,since the early 80's were my source of many wonderful Spanish Colonial antiques and Indigenous Tribal artefacts. I was surprised and excited to discover one Antiquarian friend has been,over many years,assembling an awesome collection of Religeous Icons. These Philippine Santo are now extremely rare in the marketplace.

Time then to escape the high-octane of Manila and head to the more docile Cebu and finally to the Island paradise of Borocay..white sand,turquoise water,coconut palms. The perfect place to recharge before heading home to Brissie.

Back in the real world,Karavans new "online gallery" is now being developed. A collection of fantastic old Tribal Rugs should arrive from Afghanistan,early May and our new Website will be up and running with the facility to purchase online. No big retail- gallery overheads mean lower prices and top value on best quality,personally chosen carpets. Willi.

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