Friday, October 29, 2010


It happens to all of us from time to time ..tough decisions have to be made!! For us, one of the biggest decisions we've had to make for the last 30 years, is to close our retail Gallery. A very scary predicament we find ourselves in, not knowing quite what the future holds.. but the decision has been made. We close our Gallery doors for the very last time this coming Xmas eve. This ofcourse opens up lots of opportunities.. a great opportunity for our clients to grab a bargain, and an opportunity for us to do things differently in the future. How and what, we're not exactly sure, but we're thinking it's time to get with IT and focus on a web-based business eliminating the massive overheads of a large retail Gallery. This will mean radically refining the type of product we hold, as much of our current inventory is not particularly suited to marketing on the Web. One product we are currently developing is a limited collection of hand-crafted mirror-polished stainless steel furniture. Check out the photos of our first prototypes.. We're hoping to be able to offer this collection for sale early in 2011.

Don't miss your opportunity to purchase a fabulous KARAVAN product at bargain prices from now until our Gallery doors close for the very last time on Xmas Eve..